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Nancy Philp Bond passed away 3 June, 1997
at her daughter's home in Arkansas from cancer.   She was only 65 years of age.
When I visited Nancy just before her death, our parting words were that we would see each other in heaven and this is something that I believe will happen.  I'm looking forward to having a tea party with her there.

Nancy did many things in her life.  She attended business college in Denver, Colorado and was a records consultant in nursing homes at times in her life.

She had a quilting business with a friend.
They were called the "2-Bee's"
She made many quilts that are
enjoyed by many in the family.

Nancy's most notable accomplishment
was her hobby of genealogy.
She began in the early 1970's researching
the families and continued until her death.
She sought out and corresponded with
many, many relatives who shared information
and wonderful pictures of their families.

Nancy was a friend to many people.
She had a warm smile and a caring nature.
She was generous to people who had fallen
on hard luck and she cared for the elderly.
Below is a picture of Nancy with her mother and her
grandmother Philp just before she died in 1971.
Here is Nancy (second from the right) with her siblings at a family gathering in the 1980's.
Nancy was not only a good friend and sister,
she was also a beloved mother and grandmother.  She left 6 living children and and 12 grandchildren.  Two of her darling
grandsons are pictured below.
She is missed by all!!!

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